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Professor of Management

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My initial research interest in organizational control has evolved into a research stream investigating the issues and complexities surrounding corporate governance, particularly as it relates to accountability, job performance, decision making, innovation, and strategic behavior in organizations. As reflected in my research, I have taken a keen interest in cross- disciplinary research. Most recently I have initiated two collaborative projects that apply my areas of expertise on governance and accountability to family business and entrepreneurship research. Lastly, I continue to expand on my competitive dynamics research, which in recent years has led to two studies on competitive bluffing behavior - on macro and the other micro in outlook.

  • PhD, Business Administration, Washington State University, 2001
  • Masters, Master of Business Administration, Eastern Washington University, 1994
  • Bachelors, Business Administration, Whitworth University, 1990

Recent Publications
Who are these emerging markets anyway? , International Journal of Cross Cultural Management , 2021; ; (R. Guidice, Assouad, A.A., Parboteeah, K.P., & Guidice, R.M)

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The determinants and performance consequences of CEO external advice seeking , Journal of General Management , 2019; ; (R. Guidice, Vestal, A., Guidice, R., & Juenzi, M)

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The interactive effect of person and situation on explorative and exploitative behavior , Journal of Management & Organization , 2019; ; (R. Guidice, Garcia, F., Guidice, R.M., & Mero, N.P)

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