Dr. Robert Burrus


Professor of Economics
Dean's Office

Cameron Hall 100-A
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC   28403 -
Phone: 910.962.7301
Email: burrusr [ burrusr AT uncw DOT edu ]
Web Page: http://csb.uncw.edu/about/docs/Rob-Burrus-Bio.pdf

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Dr. Burrus serves as the Dean of Cameron School of Business. He was Chair of the Department of Economics & Finance starting in 2007, and has been on the faculty at UNCW since 1998. Prior to joining the faculty, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Kenyon College from 1996 to 1998. Since coming to UNCW, he and Dr. Peter Schuhmann established a Teaching Economics Workshop which began in October, 2000. In the years since, the workshop has continued to grow in popularity among economics instructors from numerous institutions and continues to grow to this date. Full biography: http://csb.uncw.edu/about/docs/Rob-Burrus-Bio.pdf

  • PhD, , University of Virginia, 1997
  • MA, , University of Virginia, 1992
  • BS, , Wake Forest University, 1990

Recent Publications
Capitalism and crime in the classroom: An analysis of academic dishonesty and latent student attitudes. , Journal of Education for Business , 2016; V.91(1) pp. 23-31 ; (R. Burrus, Jones, A., Schuhmann, P. W.)

Business School Grading on Both Sides of the Atlantic. , Journal of Business Research , 2016; V.70 ; (R. Burrus, Graham, J. E., L. C.)

Honor Codes and Perceptions of Cheating. , Journal of Economics and Finance Education , 2016; ; (R. Burrus, Jones, A., Graham, J. E., Sackley, W. H. .)

Determining the Propensity for Academic Dishonesty Using Decision Tree Analysis. , Ethics and Behavior , 2015; pp. 1-18 ; (R. Burrus, Wray, B. A., Jones, A., Schuhmann, P. W.)

Faculty Observables and Self-Reported Responsiveness to Academic Dishonesty. , Administrative Issues Journal , 2015; V.5(1) pp. 89-104 ; (R. Burrus, Jones, A., Sackley, W. H., Walker, M.)

Using the Scenario Method to Analyze Cheating Behaviors. , Journal of Academic Ethics , 2013; V.11(1) pp. 17-33 ; (R. Burrus, Graham, J. E., Schuhmann, P. W., Elikai, F.)

Sleep Deprivation and Finance Student Performance. , Journal of Financial Education , 2013; V.39(3/4) pp. 31-46 ; (R. Burrus, Graham, J. E.)

It's the students, stupid: How how perceptions of student reporting impact cheating. , The American Economist , 2013; V.58(1) pp. 51-59 ; (R. Burrus, Jones, A.,Sackley, W. H., Walker, M.)

The Impact of Recruiting on NCAA Basketball Success. , Applied Economics Letters , 2011; V.18 pp. 795-798 ; (R. Burrus, Treme, J., Sherrick, B.)

The impact of recruiting on NCAA basketball success: Part 2. , Journal of Economics and Finance. , 2011; ; (R. Burrus, Treme, J.)

Areas of Interest
  • Teaching: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Teaching: Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Research: Illicit Drug Policy
  • Research: Economics of Hurricanes
  • Research: Academic Dishonesty

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