Learning Module #11
Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management

Dr. Clark's Sections Dr. Janicki's Sections

Learning Module 11 Learning Objectives

  1. Define customer relationship management and collaborative CRM, and identify the primary functions of both processes.
  2. Describe the two major components of operational CRM systems, list three applications used in each component, and provide at least one example of how businesses use each application.
  3. Describe analytical CRM systems, and describe four purposes for which businesses use these systems. 
  4. Define the term, supply chain, and describe the three components and the three flows of a supply chain.
  5. Identify two major challenges in setting accurate inventory levels throughout the supply chain, and describe three popular strategies to solve supply chain problems.
  6. Define the terms electronic data interchange (EDI), extranet, and portal, and explain how each of these applications helps support supply chain management.

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