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Learning eXchanges

2:00 and 3:00 p.m. - CIS Building

Corporate and Group Rates Available for Multiple Attendees
Learning eXchange Coordinator: Jeffrey Cummings

2:00 p.m. Sessions

Jordan Pike Quick, Free, Easy-ish Deep Packet Inspection with Security Onion

Presenter: Jordan Pike
nCino, Manager Security Operations

Attendees will come away with an excitement around Security Onion and give them the beginner knowledge and confidence to download and setup the tool after the session.

Jeff Crume

Hacking Everything - The Dark Side of the Internet of Things

Presenter: Jeff Crume
IBM, Distinguished Engineer, IT Security Architect

With the Internet of Things (IoT), essentially everything becomes a computer. We know that computers can be hacked. This means that everything can be hacked including cars, home appliances, medical devices and more. This session will give examples of IoT hacks and the consequences of not getting security right as we move to this important new technology.

Sean Alhum

Making your Department or Firm More IT Entrepreneur Like

Presenter: Sean Ahlum
tekMountain, Director

How to introduce LEAN Business Startup and Innovation into a corporate structure. Sean's experiences include building entrepreneurial ecosystems, supporting startups through mentoring and creative programming, and creating connections to capital with equity partners. He assist to implement lean startup into the corporate landscape, and serves on the executive leadership team of Castle Branch to drive corporate strategy

3:00 p.m. Sessions

Michael Bryant

Hack the Planet

Presenter: Michael Bryant
SecureWorks Inc

Why the bad guys are still winning... During the course of this talk we will discuss the sad state of your security and what you can do to make it better. We will start by defining and differentiating between a vulnerability scan and penetration test. We will go over various tools and techniques that we use during our tests that allow us to be successful. Finally, we will go over some things you can do that will allow you to better secure yourself from these tools and techniques. By the end of all this, you will probably want to go change your password.

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Michael Duncan It’s Not Cheating if You Win: Cracking Google’s Linguistic Algorithm

Presenter: Michael Duncan
Sage Island, CEO and Creative Director

Who doesn’t want to be on the first page of Google? Learn some of the newest SEO key ranking factors that affect the way you search and the results. See how programming, writing, and social media come together to crack Google’s code and get your website to first place.

Douglas Kline Introduction to the Azure Machine Learning Platform

Presenter: Douglas Kline
UNCW, Professor of Information Systems

A demonstration of the use of Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning for a classification problem. The demonstration will be end-to-end, covering connecting to data, building competing models, evaluating the models, creating visualizations of the results, and deployment of the “best” model as a web service. The use of R inside of Azure Machine Learning will also be demonstrated.