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Learning eXchanges

12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. - CIS Building

Corporate and Group Rates Available for Multiple Attendees
Learning eXchange Coordinator: Jeffrey Cummings

Sessions - 12:30 & 1:30

Adam Larson

What is GraphQL Anyway?

Presenter: Adam Larson
Engineering Manager, nCino

Presenter: Alex Arzaghi
Senior Developer, nCino

We think GraphQL could become a major player in the coming years ! GraphQL really changes the way we think about development, especially in how we design our API’s. It ultimately speeds up the development cycle and changes the paradigm of RESTful api building. We will be utilizing the OpenSource NodeJS framework LoopbackJS, along with GraphQL to build a simple project. Our main goal of this talk is to get you familiar with what GraphQL is, and when you might want to use it in your projects going forward.


Agile Development Workshop

Presenter: Mike Claes
Senior Analyst, Cisco

Today’s world changes fast. Often new ideas are born, and old ones obsoleted within minutes. Development teams may feel lost and uncertain of their next direction. An Agile development framework provides the tools needed to be successful in modern product development and services delivery.

Mike started his career at Cisco Systems twenty-one years ago as a software engineer focused on 7200-series interface processor development. Since becoming a manager, Mike has led multiple software development and test teams focused on building Cisco products including content delivery, differentiated billing, 3G/4G mobility gateways, and IOS-XE ™ routing products. Mike is a certified scrum master (CSM) and has transformed several teams from waterfall to agile development methodologies.

Sessions - 1:30

Chris Hillier The Future of HealthCare and What it Means to be Human

Chris Hillier
Executive Director of Innovation,
New Hanover Regional Medical Center

A successful technology entrepreneur with global experience of company start-up, business development, corporate governance, IP management, product development, market analysis and the development and successful execution of financial and strategic initiatives. He has proven public affairs experience, excellent political awareness and instinct, and an impressive track record of engaging with and influencing external audiences, by translating the outcomes of cutting edge research for policymakers, industry and the general public.

Sessions - 2:30

Albert Steed Create your Business in the Cloud

Albert Steed
Owner, Hybrid Athlete Foundation
CIO, Velocity Solutions

Hybrid Athlete Foundation is a technology company in the fitness space. The company was founded and funded bootstrapped by the owner. The owner will go through high level overviews of setting up corporate structure, tilizing the team and contractors, funding considerations, cloud services leveraged and formulating an exit strategy

Chris Bartosik

Data Privacy and Regulatory Environments

Presenter: Chris Bartosik
VP Engineering, Castle Branch

The world revolves around data and with that comes a heightened sense of awareness as an individual and an enterprise. The regulatory environment is shifting rapidly and with global competition, you need to be able to course-correct quickly. We will walk through recent mandates in the US and across the globe as to how systems, processes and people can be impacted.

With over 20 years in Information Systems, Chris has established a proven track record with spearheading strategic, tactical and complex, customer-facing programs, launching new products into the IT and business marketplace. With a keen eye towards organizational turnaround efforts and technology re-platforming, he bridges the What with the How. Chris’s broad experience in highly-regulated environments, small and large-scale operations, highly matrixed organizations, fast-paced and ever-changing business and IT landscapes have allowed him to adapt to most of today’s complex situations.

Sessions - 2:30

Diane Durance Technology Startup's - Getting to know the Investor that is right for you!

Panel Moderator: Diane Durance
Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

When it comes time to fund your company, there is no "one size fits all" investor; make sure your investor is also your strategic partner. Listen to investors that represent the Angel, Venture, Private and Corporate Equity perspectives.


Chris Jones, Managing Partner of Lucrum, LLC
Steve Vafier
Ken Zeiger

Carey Gibson

Disaster Recovery: Do You Have a Plan?

Presenter: Carey Gibson
Executive Director of Infrastructure & Operations, UNCW

Over 90% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan who suffer a major disaster are out of business within a year. Everyone needs a disaster recovery plan, but it should not be written in stone. Disaster recovery plans should have options that allow for flexibility. While disasters come in many different flavors, we will focus on Hurricane Florence, her impact to campus technology infrastructure and services, lessons learned, and impact to the ITS (Information Technology Services) disaster recovery strategy.