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Dr. Dambar Uprety is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics in the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He also holds a master’s degree in Mathematics. Although his primary research interests lie in the areas of International Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Political Economy, and Applied Economics; his research has gone far beyond the aforementioned areas. His work is published in peer-reviewed journals such as, but not limited to, International Migration, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, Journal of Quantitative Economics and Singapore Economic Review.

Recent Publications
How do factor specificity and emigration make income inequality worse in developing countries? , Journal of Quantitative Economics , 2020; ; (D. Uprety)

The Immigration Effects of Trade Protectionism: Evidence from OECD Countries , The Singapore Economic Review , 2020; ; (D. Uprety)

The Impact of International Trade on Migration by Skill Levels and Gender in Developing Countries. , International Migration , 2019; ; (D. Uprety)

Does Skilled Migration Cause Income Inequality in the Source Country? , International Migration , 2019; ; (D. Uprety)

Skilled Migration and Health Outcomes in Developing Countries , International Journal of Health Economics and Management , 2018; ; (D. Uprety)

Skilled Migration and Foreign Aid in a General Equilibrium Model of Monopolistic Competition, in Sugata Marjit & Saibal Kar , International Trade, Welfare, and the Theory of General Equilibrium Cambridge University Press , 2018; pp. 101-116 ; (D. Uprety, S. Lahiri)

The Impact of International Trade on Emigration in Developing Countries , Journal of International Trade & Economic Development , 2018; V.26(8) pp. 907-923 ; (D. Uprety)

The Effects of Remittances upon Emigration: An Empirical Study , Journal of Economic Development , 2017; V.42(2) pp. 1-15 ; (D. Uprety, Kevin Sylwester)

The Impact of Remittances on Economic Growth in Nepal , Journal of Development Innovations , 2017; V.1(1) pp. 114-134 ; (D. Uprety)

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