Dr. Manoj Vanajakumari


Associate Professor of Business Analytics
Congdon School of SC, BA, IS

David S. Congdon Hall 2049
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC   28403 - 5611
Phone: 910.962.7028
Fax: 910.962.3068
Email: vanajakumarim [ vanajakumarim AT uncw DOT edu ]
Web Page:

Recent Publications
Achieving equitable food security: How can food bank mobile pantries fill this humanitarian need , Production and Operations Management , 2022; V.31 N.4 pp. 1802-1821 ; (M. Vanajakumari, Jon M Stauffer, Manoj Vanajakumari, Subodha Kumar, Theresa Mangapora)

Supply chain planning: A case for Hybrid Cross-Docks , Omega , 2022; ; (M. Vanajakumari, Manoj Vanajakumari, Haoying Sun, Ashley Jones, Chelliah Sriskandarajah)

Brazos Valley Food Bank: Is Equitable Distribution Truly Possible? , Ivey Publishing , 2022; N.W24197 ; (M. Vanajakumari, Manoj Vanajakumari, Subodha Stauffer, Jon, Kumar)

Towards a Leader-Driven Supply Chain Cybersecurity Framework , JISAR , 2021; V.14 N.2 ; (M. Vanajakumari, Manoj Vanajakumari, Sudip Mittal, Geoff Stoker, Ulku Clark, Kasey Miller)

An integrated logistic model for predictable disasters , Production and Operations Management , 2016; V.25 N.5 pp. 791-811 ; (M. Vanajakumari, Manoj Vanajakumari, Subodha Kumar, Sushil Gupta)

Brazos Valley Food Bank: Feeding Hope Fostering Relationships. , Ivey Publishing , 2015; N.9B14D012 ; (M. Vanajakumari, Evan Vestal, Manoj Vanajakumari, Subodha Kumar)

Coordination in a two-stage production system: Complexity, conflict and cooperation , Computers & operations research , 2012; V.39 N.6 pp. 1245-1256 ; (M. Vanajakumari, UV Manoj, Chelliah Sriskandarajah, Edouard Wagneur)

Scheduling robotic cells served by a dual-arm robot , IIE Transactions , 2012; V.44 N.3 pp. 230-248 ; (M. Vanajakumari, Neil Geismar, UV Manoj, Avanthi Sethi, Chelliah Sriskandarajah)

Supply chain scheduling: Just-in-time environment , Annals of Operations Research , 2008; V.161 N.1 53-86 ; (M. Vanajakumari, UV Manoj, Jatinder ND Gupta, Sushil K Gupta, Chelliah Sriskandarajah)

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