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Dr. Dumas is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Environmental Sciences. He was a Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance in the Cameron School of Business from 1997 to 2017. He transferred to the Department of Environmental Sciences in 2017. (Full Professor 2009-present, Associate Professor 2003-2008, Assistant Professor 1997-2002)

  • PhD, Natural Resources Economics, University of California at Berkeley, 1997
  • MS, Natural Resources Economics, University of California at Berkeley, 1991
  • BS, Economics, North Carolina State University, 1990
  • BS, Natural Resources Management, North Carolina State University, 1990

Recent Publications
North Carolina’s Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access Program , Technical Report for: NC Division of Coastal Management , 2017; pp. 245 ; (C. Dumas, B. Crowe, A. Franzidis, J. Herstine, L. Sprod, and A. Vreugdenhil.)

A Biological and Economic Evaluation of Imperiled Marine Fish Stocks and the Stock Assessment Process in North Carolina , University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory , 2017; pp. 188 ; (C. Dumas, G. Nesslage)

North Carolina Beach and Inlet Management Plan Update , Technical report for: NC Department of Environmental Quality , 2016; pp. 321 ; (C. Dumas, Moffatt and Nichol Engineers)

Valuing Bag Limits in the North Carolina Charter Boat Fishery with Combined Revealed and Stated Preference Data. , Marine Resource Economics , 2016; V.26(3) ; (C. Dumas, Whitehead, J. C., Landry, C. E., Herstine, J. H.)

Production Economic Analysis of Black Sea Bass Juveniles to Support Finfish Mariculture Growout Industry Development in the Southeastern U.S. , Aquaculture Economics and Management , 2015; V.19 pp. 226-250 ; (C. Dumas, Watanabe, W., Carroll, P. M., Resimius, C. M.)

Socio-economic benefits from potential changes in water releases from John H. Kerr Reservoir , Wilmington, NC: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers , 2015; pp. 97 ; (C. Dumas, Schuhmann, P. W.)

PPD Beach to Battleship Triathlon Economic Impact Study. , Wilmington, NC: YMCA of Wilmington, NC. , 2015; pp. 13 ; (C. Dumas)

Comparative Analysis of the Catch Composition and Characteristics of the North Carolina Charter Boat Fishery between 1978 and 2007/2008. , Fisheries , 2015; ; (C. Dumas, Dell'Apa, A., Landry, C. E., Overton, A. S., Knight, E., Whitehead, J. C., Herstine, J. H.)

Study of the Economic Impacts of Carolina Beach Inlet Navigability , Carolina Beach, NC: Carolina Beach Inlet Association , 2014; pp. 36 ; (C. Dumas)

A study of the economic impacts of Oregon Inlet Navigability to Dare County, the Surrounding Region, and the state of North Carolina , Raleigh, NC.: Moffatt & Nichol, Inc , 2014; pp. 240 ; (C. Dumas, Whitehead, J., Landry, C.)

A recreation demand model of the North Carolina for-hire fishery: a comparison of primary and secondary purpose anglers. , Applied Economics Letters , 2013; V.20(16) pp. 1481-1484 ; (C. Dumas, Whitehead, J. C., Landry, C. E., Herstine, J. H.)

Measuring the Impact of Sea-Level Rise on Coastal Real Estate: A Hedonic Property Model Approach. , Journal of Regional Science , 2011; V.51(4) pp. 751-767 ; (C. Dumas, Bin, O., Poulter, B., Whitehead, J. C.)

Preface to “Making the Connection: Translating Science into Effective Coastal Policy , Coastal Management Journal , 2011; ; (C. Dumas, Cahoon, L. B.)

Areas of Interest
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Regional and Applied Microeconomics
  • Economic Impacts of Hurricanes
  • Economics of Aquaculture

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