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Dr.Graham has been teaching finance at UNCW since 1998. Prior to joining the faculty at the Cameron School, he was a visiting assistant professor at Indiana State University and a graduate assisitant at the University of South Carolina. He has also been a guest lecturer at Washington and Lee University. Prior to earning his doctorate, Dr. Graham founded Graham Properties in Jacksonville, Florida in late 1981, investing in residential and commercial real estate.

  • PhD, Finance and Statistics, University of South Carolina, 1998
  • MBA, Economics, University of North Florida, 1979
  • BS, Commerce, Washington and Lee University, 1978

Recent Publications
A Bump in the Road: Speed Bumps’ Impact on Property Values , International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis , 2019; ; (E. Graham, Jones, A)

Regional innovation and firm performance , Journal of Business Research , 2018; V.88 May pp. 357-362 ; (E. Graham, Burrus, R. T., Jones, A)

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Ownership Structure, Expectations and Short Sales on the Nasdaq , Journal of Economics and Finance , 2007; V.31 N.1 Spring pp. 33-48 ; (E. Graham, Chris Hueghen)

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Impacts of Insurance Deductibles and Hurricane Damage Perceptions on Mitigation Choices , Economics and the Wind (book chapter) , 2004; June pp. 115-124 ; (E. Graham, Rob Burrus Chris Dumas)

Areas of Interest
  • Real Estate
  • Angel Investing
  • Finance Education
  • Capital Market Behavior

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