Dr. Peter Schuhmann


Professor of Economics
Economics & Finance

Cameron Hall 220-F
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC   28403 - 5945
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Dr. Schuhmann has been a Professor at CSB since 1999. Prior to joining the faculty, he was a Professor at the University of Richmond.

  • PhD, , North Carolina State University, 1996
  • MS, , North Carolina State University, 1994
  • BS, , UNC Wilmington, 1990

Recent Publications
Pact or No Pact: Are Tourists Willing To Contribute To The Protected Areas Conservation Trust In Order To Enhance Marine Resource Conservation In Belize? , Marine Policy , 2019; ; (P. Schuhmann, Casey, J.F.)

Visitors’ Willingness to Pay Conservation Fees in Barbados , Tourism Management , 2019; V.71 April pp. 315-326 ; (P. Schuhmann, Waite, R., Skeete, R., Lorde, T., Oxenford, H., Moore, W. and Spencer, F.)

Advancing Sustainable Natural Resource Policy in the Caribbean , Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy , 2018; V.1 N.1 pp. 1-4 ; (P. Schuhmann)

Making the most of data-poor small-scale fisheries: Low cost mapping of fishing activity to inform policy , Marine Policy , 2017; ; (P. Schuhmann, Gill, D.A., H.A. Oxenford, R.A. Turner)

Estimates of the non-market value of sea turtles in Tobago using stated preference techniques , Journal of Environmental Management , 2017; N.192 pp. 281-291 ; (P. Schuhmann, Cazabon-Mannette, M., Hailey, A., and Horrocks, J.)

Visitor Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Coastal Attributes in Barbados , Ocean and Coastal Management , 2016; V.134 pp. 240-250 ; (P. Schuhmann, Bass, B., Casey, J. and Gill, D)

Using salary data to illustrate microeconomics principles and the importance of mathematics. , Journal of Economics and Finance Education , 2016; V.15 N.3 pp. 18-21 ; (P. Schuhmann)

The Impact of Challenge Quizzes on Student Knowledge. , American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings , 2016; V.106 N.5 pp. 373-377 ; (P. Schuhmann, McGoldrick, KimMarie)

Capitalism and crime in the classroom: An analysis of academic dishonesty and latent student attitudes , Journal of Education for Business , 2016; V.9(1) pp. 23-31 ; (P. Schuhmann, Burrus, R. T., Jones, A.)

Determining the Propensity for Academic Dishonesty Using Decision Tree Analysis , Ethics and Behavior , 2015; pp. 1-18 ; (P. Schuhmann, Wray, B. A., Jones, A., Schuhmann, P. W., Burrus, R. T.)

Recreational Diver Preferences for Reef Fish Attributes: Economic Implications of Future Change , Ecological Economics , 2015; V.111 pp. 48-57 ; (P. Schuhmann, Gill, D., Schuhmann, P. W., Oxenford, H.)

Coastal Capital: Ecosystem Valuation for Decision Making in the Caribbean , Washington DC: World Resources Institute , 2014; pp. 78 ; (P. Schuhmann, Waite, R., Burke, L., Gray, E., Beurking, P. v., Brander, L., McKenzie, E., Pendleton, L., Sch.uhmann, P. W., Tomkins, E)

Areas of Interest
  • Econometrics
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Seminar in Economics
  • Environmental Economics

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