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Dr. Ciner is currently a Full Professor of Finance in the Cameron School of Business. He specializes in international finance and commodity markets. His research papers have been published in numerous academic journals and he is also on the editorial board of several academic journals. He taught at Northeastern University, Boston, MA before coming to UNCW. He has teaching interests in Multinational Financial Management, Corporate Finance and Financial Econometrics areas.

  • PhD, Finance, Louisiana State University, 1998
  • Other, , Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, 1992

Recent Publications
Causality dynamics from equities to economic growth , Finance Research Letters , 2018; ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

The dynamic relation between crude oil and natural gas prices , Energy Economics , 2017; V.62 pp. 155-170 ; (C. Ciner, J. Batten and B. Lucey)

Predicting white metal prices with a commodity sensitive exchange rate , International Review of Financial Analysis , 2017; V.52 pp. 309-315 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Is the price of gold to gold mining stocks asymmetric? , Economic Modelling , 2016; ; (C. Ciner, J. Batten, B. Lucey and A. Kosedag)

Equities as long-term inflation hedges: small versus large company stocks , Applied Economics Letter , 2015; ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Which Precious Metals Spill over on Which, When and Why? Some Evidence. , Applied Economics Letter , 2015; ; (C. Ciner, J. Batten and B. Lucey)

Are Equities Good Inflation Hedges? A Frequency Domain Perspective. , Review of Financial Economics , 2015; ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Time variation in systematic risk, returns and trading volume: Evidence from precious metals mining stocks , International Review of Financial Analysis , 2015; V.41 pp. 277-283 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

On the Economic Determinants of Gold- Inflation Relation. , Resources Policy. , 2014; ; (C. Ciner, J. Batten and B. Lucey)

The Time Varying Relation between Consumer Sentiment and Equities. , Journal of Behavioral Finance. , 2014; ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Oil and Stock Returns: Frequency Domain Evidence. , Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money , 2013; V.23 pp. 1-11 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Hedges and Safe Havens- An Examination of Stocks, Bonds, Oil, Gold and the Dollar. , International Review of Financial Analysis , 2013; V.29 pp. 202-211 ; (C. Ciner, B. Lucey and C. Grudgiev)

The Structure of Gold and Silver Spread Returns. , Quantitative Finance , 2013; V.13 pp. 561-70 ; (C. Ciner, B. Lucey, J. Batten and P. Szilagvi)

Commodity Prices and Inflation: Testing in the Frequency Domain. , Research in International Business and Finance , 2011; V.25 pp. 229-237 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Information Transmission Across Currency Futures Markets: Evidence from Frequency Domain Tests , International Review of Financial Analysis , 2011; V.20 pp. 134-139 ; (C. Ciner)

Eurocurrency Interest Rate Linkages:A Frequency Domain Analysis. , International Review of Economics and Finance , 2011; ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Macroeconomic Determinants of Volatility in Precious Metals Markets , Resources Policy , 2010; V.35 pp. 65-71 ; (C. Ciner, J. Batten and B. Lucey)

Information Asymmetry, Speculation and Foreign Trading Activity: Evidence from an Emerging Market , International Review of Financial Analysis , 2008; V.17 pp. 664-680 ; (C. Ciner, A. Karagozoglu)

Dynamic Linkages between International Bond Markets , Journal of Multinational Financial Management , 2007; V.17 pp. 290- 303 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Transactions, Volume and Volatility: Evidence from an Emerging Markets , Applied Financial Economics Letters , 2006; V.3 pp. 161-164 ; (C. Ciner, W. Sackley)

A Further Look at NAFTA Equity Market Linkages , Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance , 2006; V.46 pp. 338-352 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Hedging and Speculation Derivatives Markets: The Case of Energy Futures Contracts , Applied Financial Economics Letters , 2006; V.2 pp. 189- 192 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

What is so Special about KOSPI 200 Index Futures? An Analysis of Trading Volume and Liquidity , Review of Futures Markets , 2006; V.14 pp. 327- 348 ; (C. Ciner, lead article, with A. Karagozoglu and W. S. Kim)

German dominance in the European Monetary System: A Reprise Using Robust Wald Tests , Applied Economics Letters , 2005; V.12 pp. 463- 466 ; (C. Ciner, with G. Geoffrey Booth)

Conducting Business in Eastern Europe: Risk- Return Perspective of Senior Financial Executives , European Management Journal , 2004; V.22 pp. 224- 230 ; (C. Ciner, with J. Welch)

The Predictive Power of Trading Volume: Testing for Small Firm Stocks , The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance & Business Ventures , 2003; V.8 pp. 87- 102 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

The Stock Price-Volume Linkage on the Toronto Stock Exchange: Before and After Automation , Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting , 2002; V.10 pp. 335-349 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Information Content of Volume: An Investigation of Tokyo Commodity Futures Markets , Pacific-Basin Finance Journal , 2002; V.10 pp. 201-215 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

Energy Shocks and Financial Markets: Nonlinear Linkages , Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics , 2001; V.5 pp. 203-212 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

The Dynamic Relationship between Nominal Interest Rates and Inflation: International Evidence , Journal of Multinational Financial Management , 2001; V.11 pp. 269-280 ; (C. Ciner, with G. G. Booth)

On the Long Run Relationship between Gold and Silver Prices , Global Finance Journal , 2001; V.12 pp. 299-303 ; (C. Ciner, sole-authored)

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International Transmission of Information in Corn Futures , Journal of Multinational Financial Management , 1997; V.7 pp. 175-187 ; (C. Ciner, with G. G. Booth)

Ship Financing: A Current View of the Availability of Finance and Financiers’ Requirements (in Turkish) , Mersin Deniz Ticaret Odasi , 1994; V.4 pp. 10-14 ; (C. Ciner)

Areas of Interest
  • International Financial Markets
  • Commodity Markets
  • Derivatives

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