MIS 213 Study Guide - Test #3

You may take the exam any time between
Tuesday, November 9 at 5:00 p.m. until Thursday, November 11 at 5:00 p.m.

Test will be comprised of 40 multiple choice and true/false and fill in the blank questions
You will take the quiz inside of Connect, like the Mini Quizzes you have taken,
This test is open book and notes and you will have 30 minutes

What should you do to prepare?

  • Read Chapters 6, 9, 10 and 11
  • Complete Projects 8 and 9
  • Answer the questions below in advance

Key concepts you should know:

Chapter 6
Business Decision Making

  • Different types of decision making questions: structured, semi structured, unstructured
  • Decision Making Steps: Define the problem, Requirements, Alternatives, Criteria
  • Tools assisting in decision making
  • Excel - Scenarios

Chapter 9

  • Give example of ethical computer use policy
  • What does an information privacy policy cover?
  • What is proteced in a email privacy policy?
  • Understand employer rights in a workplace monitoring policy
  • Acceptable use policy?
  • Copyright software versus pirated software, media

Chapter 10 - Developing Info Systems

  • What are the basic development methodologies (SDLC, Prototype, RAD)
  • What are the key difference between the above
  • What is the traditional SDLC development process and the steps
  • What is a prototype?
  • How is Rapid Application Development different from the previous
  • Who should be involved in system development projects (what skills)
  • Training should be conducted by?
  • What component may be up to 30% of the total costs of system development
  • Buy versus Build
  • Open Source Software
  • Outsourcing

Chapter 11 - Info Based Business Processes

  • Define Business Processes
  • Define Business Modeling
  • Modeling Tools
  • Difference between Efficiency vs Effectiveness
  • Four Key Components of Business Process Improvement

Excel - Concepts

  • Basic Excel terms as row, column, cell
  • Understand the use of the SUM function?
  • Why the SUM function is not used for multiplication, division
  • Formatting a cell or a group of cells
  • Center across cells
  • The difference between an 'absolute' verus 'relative' copy
  • Three components of an IF statement (test, true, false)
  • Creating a scenario, running a scenario
  • Where would you use a scenario?
  • Typical uses of spreadsheets