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Prior to pursing his PhD in economics, Dr. Jones was the Director of Economic Development with the Covington/Newton County Chamber of Commerce in Covington, GA. His responsibilities included business recruitment, retention and expansion of existing businesses and public policy development. While attending graduate school at the University of Georgia, Dr. Jones assisted the Carl Vinson Institute of Government with various economic impact studies and other economic development policy consultation projects. When away from the office Dr. Jones can usually be found on his bicycle or working with the UNCW Cycling Club to organize some misadventure. Dr. Jones is happily married and believes all his successes belong to his wife while his failures stem from ignoring her suggestions.

Recent Publications
So You Want To Go To Graduate School? Factors that Influence Admissions to Economics PhD Programs , Journal of Economic Education , 2020; V.51 N.2 pp. 177-190 ; (A. Jones, Peter Schuhmann, Allison Witman, Daniel Soques)

The Company You Keep: Satisfaction with Life, Economic Freedom, and Preference-Policy Mismatch. , Journal of Comparative Economics , 2020; V.48 pp. 642-657 ; (A. Jones, Lester Hadsell, Robert Burrus)

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Development Impact Fees , Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy , 2011; V.2 pp. 1-6 ; (A. Jones, Wes Clarke)

Areas of Interest
  • Local Public Finance
  • Regional Economics
  • Economic Policy Uncertainty

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